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Sunday, July 13th, 2014



Sunday, June 2nd, 2013

Last month (May 2013) Brett Flanigan and Cannon Dill, two Bay Area based artists, drove across the United States on a spontaneous mural tour. Flanigan and Dill created a series of nine impromptu collaborative pieces.

Dill’s intricate black and white illustration styles contrasted beautifully with Flanigan’s bold non-contoured steams of color. The works were themed around nature (e.g. animals, trees) and at times grew into such abstraction that they could only be referred to as the Wild Style of Character Graffiti.

They painted murals in Denver, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Chicago, Detroit and Brooklyn, with a grand finale collaboration in New Orleans with MRSA (Nola local) and GATS.

Also, make sure to check out Brett Flanigan’s upcoming art show with Joshua Mays at Old Crow Tattoo and Gallery in Oakland.  Opening reception June 7th, 2013 (First Friday).

BC13Tour_01Brett Flanigan and Cannon Dill (Denver, Colorado)

BC13Tour_02Brett Flanigan and Cannon Dill (Denver, Colorado)

Brett Flanigan and Cannon Dill (Denver, Colorado)

BC13Tour_04Brett Flanigan and Cannon Dill (Denver, Colorado)

BC13Tour_05Brett Flanigan and Cannon Dill (Kansas City, Missouri)

BC13Tour_06Brett Flanigan and Cannon Dill (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

BC13Tour_07Brett Flanigan and Cannon Dill (Chicago, Illinois)

BC13Tour_08Brett Flanigan and Cannon Dill (Detroit, Michigan)

BC13Tour_09Brett Flanigan and Cannon Dill (Brooklyn, New York)

BC13Tour_10Brett Flanigan, Cannon Dill, GATS and MRSA Collaboration (New Orleans, Louisiana)






Brett Flanigan:
Cannon Dill:



CANNON DILL “Heavy Water” – Solo Art Show at Le Qui Vive Gallery – Oakland, CA

Monday, April 8th, 2013

Cannon Dill’s solo show at Le Qui Vive gallery at 1525 Webster Street will be on display all this month. Spray paint, acrylics on wood, found objects, canvas, wheat pastes, screen printed and embroidered clothing make up an extensive gathering of Cannon’s works that are a must see.

HEAVY WATER – Cannon Dill’s Solo Art Show – April 5th, 2013

Sunday, March 31st, 2013

Le Qui Vive Gallery is inside the Famous Four Colors building in Oakland, CA.
Heavy Water Art Show.

Cannon Dill from LeQuiVive Gallery on Vimeo.

Cannon’s dual conflict of man and nature remains evident as he works in the classic wood grain, rustic, fine line detail of work. Cannon takes on a new form as he introduces color into his palate. Between the sharp lines a new liquid, oozing between the idea of innards and substance. The colors strike and dawn the perimeters of the artist’s narrative scale. At first glance, Heavy Water becomes the feeling of the pinnacle, folksy storytelling from Cannon, leaving the title of the show to stand for the organs produced. Dictating the scale of proportions, this narrative begins to set this rule. We also gain the magnitude and importance in the large scale murals that Cannon produces; a direct translation of size within his work. The approach reprises the undertones that Cannon consistently aims for. A sense of detachment from the wonders of the simple world bring to life the harrowing dismissal of nature; present in the subjects he draws a new idea of reason, awareness & introspective thinking.