Endless Canvas adds original street art and graffiti photos to the site daily along with interviews and events. All the pics are taken by our own team of photographers.

We also publish the Endless Canvas Zine that features our best photography, original art from local street artists and exclusive content.

Endless Canvas was launched in 2008. Inspired by East Coast street art blogs, we wanted to showcase what was happening in the Bay Area (Oakland, Berkeley and San Francisco).

Though still focused on the West Coast, our love for photographing graffiti has brought us around the world.


Who runs Endless Canvas?

Endless Canvas was started by three photographers who wanted a forum for pooling their documentation. We have since expanded our team of photographers to about five people who post regularly and a couple others that post periodically. We also have a small network of volunteers who help with events and day to day tasks that keep EC running.

Do you take submissions for your website, zine, etc?

We have guest artists design Endless Canvas logos, stickers, shirts, posters, website headers (200 pixels high by 1000 pixels wide) and anything of that sort. We also do interviews, but generally seek those people out ourselves.

As far as photos go, we are not currently taking submissions, other than the ones supplied by the featured artist for the interview. This is because we want to keep the content original and to maintain the street credibility of the work documented. You can’t just take a photo in your back yard and be featured by Endless Canvas. If you want to be on the site or in the zine, you have to put in work on the streets and catch one of our photographers attention. There is no easy way to fame.

However, a lot of you have really amazing photos and we would like to invite you to upload them to our Flickr group… flickr.com/groups/endlesscanvas

Do you do trades?

Sadly no. We can no longer keep up with the quantity of requests we get. We do distribute sticker packs though if you order through our online store.

How long does it take receive an order?

Orders are usually shipped out within five work days after receiving them.  Though most orders are delivered within 3-4 days after ordering them, please don’t panic if they take an extra week as we are sometimes screen printing the next issue of the zine, in jail or traveling to document graffiti for the blog.

If you live in the continental United States of America, most orders under 13 ounces are shipped first class which takes an average of three to five work days.  If your order is over 13 ounces it will most likely be shipped Media Mail which takes two to eight work days depending on where you live in the country.

If you live over seas it will take three days to two months depending on what country you live in.  It’s best to look that up on the USPS website for specifics.

Will you post my Event on your website?

If it is graffiti / street art related and located in the Bay Area, or if it is just an epic event that people need to travel for, we will most likely post it on the site. Also, let us know if we are invited to table our zine at your event since we are promoting it. Please do NOT put us on any email lists… ENDLESSCANVAS08 [at] YAHOO [dot] COM

I’m local and don’t want to wait for shipping. Can I meet up with you and pay cash?

If you’re buying a large piece of art that costs over $100.00 we may be able to meet up with you depending on our schedule. Email us to coordinate ENDLESSCANVAS [at] GMAIL [dot] COM.

Smaller orders we can no longer deliver in person because we become quickly overwhelmed.

Can I help distribute the Endless Canvas zine?

Yes. Email us for wholesale prices: ENDLESSCANVAS [at] GMAIL [dot] COM

Are you (place whatever random graffiti writer’s name here), because you took a photo of their work?

No. We are a collective of photographers, dedicated to documenting what we see on the street. When we are traveling, we often document artists that we recognize from the Bay Area because we are a Bay centric blog.

What do you mean, Screen Printed cover?

Screen printing is a stencil method of print making in which a design is imposed on a screen of silk or other fine mesh, with blank areas coated with an impermeable substance, and ink is forced through the mesh onto the printing surface by hand pulling a squeegee across. It is also known as “silk screening” or “serigraphy”.

Street Art Graffiti Characters in the Bay Area.