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HEAVY WATER – Cannon Dill’s Solo Art Show – April 5th, 2013

Sunday, March 31st, 2013

Le Qui Vive Gallery is inside the Famous Four Colors building in Oakland, CA.
Heavy Water Art Show.

Cannon Dill from LeQuiVive Gallery on Vimeo.

Cannon’s dual conflict of man and nature remains evident as he works in the classic wood grain, rustic, fine line detail of work. Cannon takes on a new form as he introduces color into his palate. Between the sharp lines a new liquid, oozing between the idea of innards and substance. The colors strike and dawn the perimeters of the artist’s narrative scale. At first glance, Heavy Water becomes the feeling of the pinnacle, folksy storytelling from Cannon, leaving the title of the show to stand for the organs produced. Dictating the scale of proportions, this narrative begins to set this rule. We also gain the magnitude and importance in the large scale murals that Cannon produces; a direct translation of size within his work. The approach reprises the undertones that Cannon consistently aims for. A sense of detachment from the wonders of the simple world bring to life the harrowing dismissal of nature; present in the subjects he draws a new idea of reason, awareness & introspective thinking.

BOOK RELEASE / Benefit Art Show for SPECIAL DELIVERY – Saturday July 28th, 2012

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012
New Special Delivery Portland 2011 Book Release Party.


Release Event for the SPECIAL DELIVERY Portland 2011 Book,
as well as an Art Show Benefiting the artists participating in this year’s SPECIAL DELIVERY Bay Area 2012 Mural Exhibit (which will open September 8th 2012).


Saturday July 28th, 2012 (Last Saturday) at 7pm


Famous Four Colors Gallery
1525 Webster Street
Oakland, CA 94612



Full Color, 64 Pages, $16
Special Delivery 2011 was a mural exhibit that filled a 6,000 square foot warehouse in South East Portland. It showcased over 40 artists who have put in a lot of work on the streets of Oakland, San Francisco and the greater Bay Area of California.

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Many of the artists whom will be participating in this years Special Delivery Mural Exhibit (Optimist, GATS, Upfuk, Attica, Broke, Nart, Dead Eyes, etc.) will be showcasing prints and works on canvas at F4C Gallery (Famous Four Colors) for ONE NIGHT ONLY to raise funds for paint.

Read more about SPECIAL DELIVERY Bay Area 2012…

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Please don’t tag the venue or the immediate surroundings the night of the event.
Thank you to all the writers that always show respect and help us socially enforce this guideline so that we can keep getting invited back to throw awesome events for you guys.

BRICK BY BRICK – Art Show – July 6th, 2012

Thursday, July 5th, 2012
F4CGallery Presents:
Daniel Albrigo, 
Jamos “Ikon” Douglas¬†&¬†Meagan Spendlove

F4C Gallery.

  1. (Photo Credit: Famous Four Colors)

New York’s Daniel Albrigo joins the F4CGallery with his new cosmic & psychedelic take on America’s trails of glory. Piecing together the past with a futuristic look.

The Bay Area’s Meagan Spendlove stacks her vibrant colors & ethereal linework. Molding together the rounds of motion, design & creative flow.

Colorado’s Ikon (Jamos Douglas) will be showcasing his works and installing a must see mathematically based burner. Composed of various cuts, changing colors and shape from the angle of viewing. We welcome this talented freight & brick slayer.

Music by:

Located at:
1525 Webster St.
Oakland, CA