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L.A. VS WAR 2011 – Art Exhibit

Saturday, September 17th, 2011

LA vs WAR came back hard for the second time (the first time around being in 2008). Last weekend was the 10th anniversary of September 11th and was marked by this impressive artistic response to a decade of war and fear. Well over 120 prolific artists exhibited works themed around Anti-War, Pro-Peace and Anti-Occupation including statements on local issues like Gang Wars, Drug Wars, Immigration Wars, Environmental Wars and more.

LA vs WAR –
Hella Swag –
LA Weekly –
Warholian –
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Neighborhood Watch –

(Above photos reads “This is Just a Phrase in Arabic.”)

(Above Silkscreen by Mear One)

Starpig NMG.
(Above Screen Print by Not My Government)

(Above piece by ABCNT)

(Above Painting by Paul Barron)

(Above Painting by Asylm)

(Above Painting by Lydia Emily)

(Above Screen Print by Nuclear Winter)

(Above Painting by Jauna Alicia)

CHASE Stencil.
(Above Stencil by CHASE)