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2013 Estria Battle Video – Oakland, CA

Wednesday, May 7th, 2014

2013 Endless Canvas BEST THROWIE CONTEST – (DEADLINE: January 31st)

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

2013 Endless Canvas Best Throwie Contest.

First, Second, and Third place prizes to whom ever can
rock “ENDLESS CANVAS” with the most style!

Solid Black outline on a white background. No colors or gradients. Freehand (No Digital Graphics)
We’re looking for a quick bombing style that would be feasable to actually execute under pressure.

It is OK to submit multiple styles.
Can be on any surface as long as it contrasts hard enough that we can convert it to solid black and white.

Email a high resolution scan or photograph to EndlessCanvas[at]
(If you don’t have access to a scanner we might ask you to physically mail it to us.)

The top six throwies will be posted to our facebook
on FEBRUARY 3rd, 2013. The throwie that receives the most comment votes within three days wins!

Will be featured on a T-Shirt and will get one of the shirts for FREE. As well as receiving every issue of the Endless Canvas zine we have in stock, and each of the 12”x18” limited edition screen printed posters we have available for FREE! Winner will be featured on the main page of the site and we’ll even post a flick of your street graffiti if you’d like.

Will receive all the issues of Endless Canvas we have in stock for FREE! We will also feature a photo of your street graffiti on the main page of the site if you’d like.

We will fit as many of the dope throwie styles as we can on a sheet of stickers to print hundreds of and send out with orders internationally.

Will receive a thank you shout out on
Let us know the alias you would like credited. (unless you prefer to stay anonymous)

By submitting work to this contest you are donating your design to Endless Canvas and giving us full print rights.

WINNERS of the 2012 ENDLESS CANVAS Best HandStyle Contest

Sunday, February 12th, 2012

A huge thank you to everyone who participated in and supported this contest!
To our surprise we received well over 150 submissions!

We will be printing t-shirts of TBIS’s Endless Canvas handstyle and releasing them on Friday February 24th, 2012 at Ear Peace Records in Berkeley, CA.  Come out at hang out with us from 7pm-10pm and pick up a shirt…

Befriend TBIS Magazine:

Phobia submitted all the way from Guam.
Phobia’s Flickr:

Oster of ARG Crew submitted all the way from Cordoba, Argentina!
Oster’s street work:

THANK YOU to everyone who submitted handstyles…
Ceaver 640, Welsed, TBIS, Sensr 385, Ankra, NoMore, Septerhed, Orena BYB, Attica, Hula DH, Amboz, Emos, Sars, Phone, JAS, Ras Terms BDS, Phewsr, Electric Dragon, Digital, Cexr, Deaf HUI, Dust, Kite, Mikey IT, Reakt Evk, Aeks SNV, AteTry, Oster (Argentina), Chris Moon, Reco Calk, Elite, Solve, Neil Coates, Cear, Collin Saineful, Egads Eg, Ogee Mesh, Jemer IFSK, Whut BM, Skimone, Byler, Riz 503, Papi Nizmo Mak, Ass Milk, Dirty Gerk, Drowsy CLSK, The Farmer, Kersv, Phobia, Gear, Menace, Sunfish, Roger Harmon, Roe 510, Aersok, Boser CLSK, Defy 831, Wayward, Suenos TFN, Roscoe QBC VDS, Sens (San Diego), Photo Coyote, GATS, Bos Hope CBW, Andres Musta, Sanek VNO, Camel (Oakland), Examer, King Sheep, Siker PM (Portland), Dog Fight (Australia), Task Calk, Bella Ciao, Gaily Ezer, Local, Sanek VNO, Clyde (New York), Atake AKO, Fancy, IMP, Reagan, Rajivius Coburnicus, Jack Eldredge, Raiyo, Oakland Ninja, Swaj, Roger (Texas), Uknow M&M, CPSH74 (Paris), Hooligan, Jeffrey Hall, Devote, Dekster PA H8K and everyone else!


Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Cowboys and Indians Graffiti in Oakland California.