Lady Karma and her friends threw together this impromptu music video while she was painting her piece on the third story of this years SPECIAL DELIVERY Bay Area 2012 Exhibit.

MOBILIZE: JANAKA SELEKTA & SETI X from Odell Hussey on Vimeo.

Filmed/Directed by Odell Hussey

Janaka Selekta & SETI X aka Mandeep Sethi come together for their first collaboration, bridging genres and generations of Asian underground frequencies. Filmed in the Endless Canvas Special Delivery Warehouse in Oakland, California, SETI guides the viewer through layers and layers of visual code and modern day supreme heiroglyphics blasted against the walls of concrete, speaking stories of struggle, happiness, and life. It's time to mobilize.

Download the song here :

Mandeep Sethi

Janaka Selekta

Visual Artist: Lady Karma of Kalakari Collective.

Filmed at SPECIAL DELIVERY 2012 curated by ENDLESS CANVAS.
SPECIAL DELIVERY is a large scale mural exhibition featuring a number of prolific street artists from the Oakland / San Francisco Bay Area.


False flag in the back of time
Theres an attic climb to the top and find
The erratic is mind creative fine
But action leads to great design

Information overloading and my Patience
Is controlling my emotional response to how we focus
Seconds to the minutes to the months
To the day we realize it's a front
Blunt with the talk
Keep with it Strate to the face
2012 we changing ways
Life for the ones that losing breathe
And spirit for the people that are cheatin death
Water for the ones whose thirst ain't quenched
Mobilize to represent

This live
Time to get it right now
Real loud broke down
So you get it say wow
I don't what the hell Hes smoking
Overstanding optic chosen //
Laboratory making music
Till realitys my student
Who am I to say what I say but I say it anyways
To move the movements
Coommunicatiom is the boiling point
While you Rollin joints i be makin noise
With us or against us either way lets keep it moving boy

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