JESSE RENO in Action – Portland, OR

Jesse Reno in Action.

We just photographed a mural on this wall maybe last week, then passed by the other day and ran into Jesse Reno in action painting a new one over it. This wall rotates murals every year or so.

Reno’s process is interesting because he’s finger painting. When I asked him why he doesn’t wear gloves he said that he needs to feel the paint drying and the texture of the wall to get the effect he’s going for. He’s using non toxic paints (don’t go out at rub poisonous cobalts and cadmiums on your hands).

Reno has some upcoming exhibits in Portland OR, Mexico and Pasadena CA…

Here is the previous mural that was on this wall. I’m sorry but we didn’t get the artist’s name.
Portland Mural Street Art.

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