Endless Canvas: How many years have you been writing?
Shak: Just a few.

EC: What graffiti artists influences your work?
Shak: I would say Jeloe and Fils are both a major influence, they both have taught me alot you could say and both brought me up in the graff game kindda.

EC: What influences your work other than graffiti?
Shak: hmmmm…

EC: Is beer good or bad?
Shak: Beer is good but i’d rather smoke a blunt.

EC: Rate your love for the police on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest?

EC: What are the advantage and disadvantage in living in more rural area like Sonoma county then more urban area such as SF or Oakland?
Shak: The advantage is there is a bunch of chill day spots every where you get good at doing piece I guess. The disadvantage is there is not many people doing graffiti on the streets here so it sticks out and they try and make a big deal about it and try really hard to track you down.

EC: Do you think you would ever move to a more urban environment ever?
Shak: Yes I plan to move to a bigger city very soon.

EC: Would you call yourself a tagger, bomber, artist or what? And could you give a reason why?
Shak: I guess I would be called a bomber/piecer? Don’t really like artistic stuff.

EC: On average how many times do you go out and paint in a month?
Shak: Well before the recent move was painting almost every day for about 3 months.

EC: What era/ region of graffiti do you hold up as the greatest (NYC 80 Subway, etc……)?
Shak: I would say 90’s san francisco! I wasn’t around to see it but from all the flicks I’ve seen it just looks crushed in the 90’s looked like alot of fun.

EC: What got you started writing or keeps you writing?
Shak: Friends got me started. Don’t really know what keeps me doing it well I like seeing myself up but stuff doesn’t really last long where I’m from soI have to keep doing it.

EC: What is your favorite beer?
Shak: Highlife.

EC: Have you done stickers or wheat paste? (if not) Have you ever thought of doing such things?
Shak: I’ve done sticker just catching tags and shit on them.

EC: What is your feelings on the buff?
Shak: I HATE the buff. I especially this bitch named Georgia Pedgrift!! the head of Santa Rosa’s graffiti abatement program.

EC: So you do you feel the world would be a better place with out the buff? Where would the fresh work go?
Shak: Well if there was no buff there would be graffiti every where I wouldn’t mind that.

EC: You can only pick one to save from total destruction.?
a. your mom
b. your girlfriend
c. your beer
Shak: mom

EC: Any crazy ass chase story, close call or just funny ass story that happen while you were painting?
Shak: Yea the most recent chase story was the night before I was supposed to move out of town and I was kickin it with a few friends. We decided to go get one last shot before I left town for a while so we did it was probley around 1 in the morning or so. We had this sound wall in mind on highway 101 south in Santa Rosa it was right on the freeway a nice shot if we pulled it off. So me Jeloe Jpee and Joey went to do it we parked in a neighbor hood by the spot where we had a easy entrance so we go to the spot all do some nice pieces and what not. We finish up and were going back to the car we thought it would be a good idea if only 2 people went to get the car then get us. So they went to get the car as me and jeloe waited in some bushes by this house. The other 2 were kind of loud getting over the fence I guess because some old ass lady came out of the house and walked out in the street looking around and shit. We were thinking she must of called the cops so we decided to run across the freeway we both have a bunch of paint in are bags still. We get to the other side of the freeway and I hop the fence right away. Right when I got on the other side there was a cop coming down the street with his spotlight on me so I drop my bag and hop back over then run down the freeway I had no idea where Jeloe went I hop another fence a ways down. I end up at some hotel so I went to the 2nd story and chilled in the hallway then called them and they came and got me. That was that we all got away.

EC: Anybody you would like to shout out or give thanks to?
Shak:Kofer-Sezo-Fils-Jeloe-Crirk-Children-Disco-Case-Ckos-Pervert-Jpee-Purse-Kev-Harvy-Dyke-Cels-Doyle-Kevin Harris-Hoose-Brains-Csaw-Mosh-Proe-ElBarto-Berds-Luke-Hornet-Naan-Pandasex-Gref-Sauce-Slaper-Fedor-Free(Reken)-Isuck-Hefr-Sleep- I think thats everyone

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