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GARY KING JR – Oakland, CA

Monday, November 16th, 2009

RIP Gary King Jr Stencil Graffiti 54th and MLK.

At 4:45PM on September 20th, a police officer shot and killed a man on the street in North Oakland. Gary King, Jr., age 20, had just exited a store on the corner of 54th street and MLK. Apparently an Oakland police sergeant approached him for questioning. The details of what happened next are unclear, but it seems that it involved the officer using a taser. King pulled away and it appears that during his attempt to flee, the officer shot him twice in the back.

A swarm of police cars (including helicopters) arrived on the scene very quickly, but it was a number of minutes before an ambulance arrived. In the meantime, one officer appeared to be performing CPR. Gary King reportedly died at the hospital a short time later. Police on the scene dealt somewhat roughly with bystanders, including relatives of Mr King.

Someone spray-painted “Police did this” on one of the BART support columns on MLK at 54th. A memorial with candles and personal items is set up at the place where the shooting occurre

Sun Sep 23 2007 (Updated 09/28/07) Gary King Killed by OPD

Demand BART Restores GARY KING JR’s memorial mural

Saturday, September 26th, 2009

Demand BART restores the GARY KING JR memorial Mural in Oakland, CA.


High Resolution version to Print out an distribute available here……

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June Garrett, 510-464-6257

Kerry Hamill, Department Manager of Government and Community Relations, 510-464-6153

Roddrick Lee, Division Manager of Local Government and Community Relations, 510-464-6235

Lisa Moland, Goverment and Community Relations Specialist, 510-464-7227

Mailing Address:
Bay Area Rapid Transit District
Government and Community Relations Department
300 Lakeside Drive, 18th Floor
Oakland, CA 94612

Fax Number: 510-464-6146

RIP GARY – Fuck the Buff – Oakland, CA

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

Paul Barron’s community memorial mural of Gary King Jr was buffed by BART (Bay Area Rapid Transport) today, September 24th, 2009.

RIP Gary King Jr Memorial Mural Buffed in Oakland, CA.

The mural was painted at the end of 2007, after police officer Patrick Gonzales beat, tazered, and shot 20 year old, unarmed and innocent, Gary King Jr in the back. Gary passed away in hand cuffs next to this pillar, while his young cousin had to watch, unable to put pressure on the wounds because officer Gonzales put a gun to his head and said that he would kill him if he touched Gary.

Gary ran a construction company with his father and was a productive member of the community. His life was stolen before he got to see the birth of his baby girl.

FUCK THE BUFF - Rest in Peace Gary King Jr - Oakland, CA.

If the more recent murder of Oscar Grant wasn’t enough, the act of buffing Gary’s memorial is a symbol of BART’s complete disrespect of the community and human life.

We will never forget Gary or any of the lives stolen by Police.