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BRICK BY BRICK – Art Show – July 6th, 2012

Thursday, July 5th, 2012
F4CGallery Presents:
Daniel Albrigo, 
Jamos “Ikon” Douglas¬†&¬†Meagan Spendlove

F4C Gallery.

  1. (Photo Credit: Famous Four Colors)

New York’s Daniel Albrigo joins the F4CGallery with his new cosmic & psychedelic take on America’s trails of glory. Piecing together the past with a futuristic look.

The Bay Area’s Meagan Spendlove stacks her vibrant colors & ethereal linework. Molding together the rounds of motion, design & creative flow.

Colorado’s Ikon (Jamos Douglas) will be showcasing his works and installing a must see mathematically based burner. Composed of various cuts, changing colors and shape from the angle of viewing. We welcome this talented freight & brick slayer.

Music by:

Located at:
1525 Webster St.
Oakland, CA