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OPTIMIST HandStyle – Oakland, CA

Sunday, November 10th, 2013


UTAH, ETHER – Brooklyn, New York

Thursday, August 15th, 2013

Photographer: Madeleine Tonzi


Thursday, July 25th, 2013

Photographer: Madeleine Tonzi

CHU NEED – Oakland, CA

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

Photographer: Madeleine Tonzi

VRS – Oakland, CA

Sunday, March 3rd, 2013



Saturday, August 25th, 2012

Quake, Roar, 7Seas, Defie, Wesk, Goser and Imp are all featured in the SPECIAL DELIVERY Bay Area 2012 – Large Scale Mural Exhibit taking place on September 8th.
Quake Roar Tusker 7seas Goser IMP Wesk Graffiti.

The Devil’s Heart – An Interview with ROMANSE of HYSU Crew

Monday, June 11th, 2012

This interview was originally published in December 2011.

Romanse HYSU Graffiti.

ENDLESS CANVAS: What do you write, where are you from and how long have you been at this?

ROMANSE: I write ROMANSE 179, I’m from San Jose, Cali.  I’ve been writing since i was 8 but with ROMANSE 179… I been at it since 89′.

EC:  Who got your into graffiti?

ROMANSE: I was influenced by my older brother Noone from DA crew.  He was an oldschool writer with talent.  He started back in 82′.  He taught me my first letters.  I also was taught by Twister (from San Jose) aka ZOOK.  Him and my brother ran together.  I have a lot of cousins and brothers that were oldschool writers that taught me the way of THE GRAFF GAME.

EC:  Who all is in HYSU?

ROMANSE:  We have a whole brotherhood of people in HYSU?  a.k.a. as THE H.  We have NUCS, DUEL8, YQUE, DEVEL, SAETO, RIVE, BHANG, HORID, MEAL, GAKS, INSUM and many more.  We are a union type based crew, very tight knit.  More like a family.

EC:  When did you start doing the heart with the horns?

ROMANSE:  I started to do the Hearts with Horns aka THE DEVIL’S HEART in 2008 after a tragic accident that left me in the hospital.  I was on a drinking bienge for up to 3 months.  Finally I collapsed in front of my family at my home.  I got rushed to the hospital.  When I woke up the doctors said I was in a deep coma for two weeks but in my so called dreams while I was in the coma all I can remember is a burning heart with horns.  While I was still in the hospital, I started doodling on napkins of a heart with horns, then I was like “I GOT SOMETHANG HERE!”  That was the birth of THE DEVILS HEART.  So now if you see it, you know what it represents… “Rebirth.”

EC: Do you make an effort to recruit younger kids into HYSU in order to keep it going longer,
or do you feel like crews should stick to their original membership and be more of a snap
shot of a certain time period and style?

ROMANSE: I do recruit young kats. If I see potential in them and also if they know the history of the graff game.  But what I mostly look for is
attitude.  I am not just going to pick up any ol chump. You must have a great brotherhood personality.  If you don’t, sorry this is not the job
for you.  HYSU was made by me to open doors to all kinds of artist that wanted to join for a certain purpose and that is to “Destroy,” but in a
artistic way.  You can be old school or a new kat, it don’t matter as long as you have graff blood in you.  I started HYSU in 2005 and it will be here
for years to come.  Like I tell my brother, “we aint going anywhere but up.”

EC: What years do you think were the peak time for graffiti in San Jose?

ROMANCE:  The best and greatest years in San Jose’s graff history would be early 80’s and late 90’s.  I remember when I was young and I would help my brother
carry a ladder down the main streets in broad day light with two duffle bags of paint.  We were headed to the walls of fame in West San Jose.  Those days, the
pigs were to busy with the Cholos and drug dealers.  The 80’s was the beginning of the free graff movement.  What I mean by this, is nobody tripped about graff that much. You were free to come as you pleased.  Ahhh, the 90’s, it brings back so many memories and writers.  Bus hopping was in, throwies were evolving to better standards and hundreds of writers in one single city.  Our mission was to fuck up everything in sight.  I try not to think that much about the 90’s graff scene because it just makes me miss it.  Writers that lived it sometimes talk about it as the best years of graff in San Jose.  It is true, those years were the best. I’m glad I was a part of it.  I want to give a shout out to the fallen writers like REM, TMC,
Paws, Tie and many more that are now at peace.

EC: Do you think writers should try to reclaim the freeways?

ROMANSE: The freeways have always been another way to get your name known or to get stupid drunk and fuck shit up without anybody chasing you… LOL.  I believe we should take back the freeways due to the fact of tourism and traveling on them.  They get to see free art without paying… LMAO.  It don’t matter if you aint popular or good, if you hit the freeways your shit is going to bee seen by a lot of fucken people.

EC: What is the Anti-Graffiti Task Force in San Jose or is it handled by Gang Unit?

ROMANSE: The Task Force, hmmmmm… is a bunch of fucking clowns trying to beat something that will never stop, even if they bring the National Guard.  We aint going no where bitches.  You fucks aint shit with your unmarked visible cars and your wanna be swat uniforms.  This is to the S.J. Task Force, “Fuck you. Suck my big fat veiny cock!”   That’s what I feel about you clowns.

EC:  Most writers blow up really hard for one to three years and fade away. What has kept you doing this for so long?

ROMANSE:  I have seen a lot of writers come and go. It’s a shame that it happens, but I understand when you get slammed with felonies and all kinds of shit you just want to quit. I understand how bad that feels and the sleepless nights just wondering, “Was it worth it?”  I want to let those who stopped or have taken long vacations know that it’s fucken alright if you quit or take time off because you have given inspiration to a young writer who would love to experience graff for themselves.  Some writers need vacations or time away from graff to support their families, continue going to school or to mentally collect themselves.  As for me, I am going to be doing what I’m doing until God himself comes for me and says, “I need you up here.”   That will be the day when there won’t be a Romanse 179 anymore.  As for now, I’m going to rape this city with no jimmy on and fuck shit up… LMAO!

HANDSTYLE Art Show – A Celebration of Street Caligraphy – Friday Feb 24th, 2012

Sunday, February 19th, 2012

Endless Canvas Handstyle Art Show.

FRIDAY FEBRUARY 24TH 2012 – 7pm to 10pm
Free event taking place at Ear Peace Records – 3268 Adeline Street in Berkeley, CA
(Two and a half blocks from Ashby BART toward Oakland.)

To mark the end of our ENDLESS CANVAS Best Handstyle Contest we are throwing an Art Show focused on the ancient art of “Writing your name on shit!”

Optimist, Pemex, Ceaver 640 THR, Roar CBS, Ras Terms, Pobrecito, GATS, Logo, WKT Crew, Dead Eyes, Meck, Broke One, Anemal AOD, Cuss, Safety First, Nina STM, Musik, Tupac, Bella Ciao, Attica, Raskal, Elite, Sabot and MANY MORE!

We will be releasing a new ENDLESS CANVAS T-Shirt designed by TBIS (the winner of the contest) as well as a new Limited Edition Screen Print by legendary graff artist RAS TERMS at the event.

Don’t blow up the spot! Please don’t crush the block the night of the event out of respect to the venue for hosting our crazy asses.

WINNERS of the 2012 ENDLESS CANVAS Best HandStyle Contest

Sunday, February 12th, 2012

A huge thank you to everyone who participated in and supported this contest!
To our surprise we received well over 150 submissions!

We will be printing t-shirts of TBIS’s Endless Canvas handstyle and releasing them on Friday February 24th, 2012 at Ear Peace Records in Berkeley, CA.  Come out at hang out with us from 7pm-10pm and pick up a shirt…

Befriend TBIS Magazine:

Phobia submitted all the way from Guam.
Phobia’s Flickr:

Oster of ARG Crew submitted all the way from Cordoba, Argentina!
Oster’s street work:

THANK YOU to everyone who submitted handstyles…
Ceaver 640, Welsed, TBIS, Sensr 385, Ankra, NoMore, Septerhed, Orena BYB, Attica, Hula DH, Amboz, Emos, Sars, Phone, JAS, Ras Terms BDS, Phewsr, Electric Dragon, Digital, Cexr, Deaf HUI, Dust, Kite, Mikey IT, Reakt Evk, Aeks SNV, AteTry, Oster (Argentina), Chris Moon, Reco Calk, Elite, Solve, Neil Coates, Cear, Collin Saineful, Egads Eg, Ogee Mesh, Jemer IFSK, Whut BM, Skimone, Byler, Riz 503, Papi Nizmo Mak, Ass Milk, Dirty Gerk, Drowsy CLSK, The Farmer, Kersv, Phobia, Gear, Menace, Sunfish, Roger Harmon, Roe 510, Aersok, Boser CLSK, Defy 831, Wayward, Suenos TFN, Roscoe QBC VDS, Sens (San Diego), Photo Coyote, GATS, Bos Hope CBW, Andres Musta, Sanek VNO, Camel (Oakland), Examer, King Sheep, Siker PM (Portland), Dog Fight (Australia), Task Calk, Bella Ciao, Gaily Ezer, Local, Sanek VNO, Clyde (New York), Atake AKO, Fancy, IMP, Reagan, Rajivius Coburnicus, Jack Eldredge, Raiyo, Oakland Ninja, Swaj, Roger (Texas), Uknow M&M, CPSH74 (Paris), Hooligan, Jeffrey Hall, Devote, Dekster PA H8K and everyone else!

OASIS – East Bay, CA

Friday, January 13th, 2012

PLANT TREES, LIZOE – San Francisco, CA

Friday, January 6th, 2012


Sunday, November 20th, 2011

Naka Safety First Oakland Graffiti.

SWERVE Handies – East Bay, CA

Sunday, October 23rd, 2011

ETHIOPE Handstyle – Oakland, CA

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

ETHIOPE graffiti - Oakland, CA

KEEP, SNARL, BESTO Graffiti – San Francisco, CA

Thursday, September 15th, 2011