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NAVER – East Bay, CA

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

NAVER – Oakland, CA

Wednesday, September 24th, 2014

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NON STOPPERS – An Interview with NAVER of AMC Crew

Friday, February 17th, 2012

Naver AMC Interview.

ENDLESS CANVAS: How long have you been doing this?
NAVER: Been paintin’ since about 96.

EC: What’s your perspective on graffiti?
Ever since i was a kid I’ve found myself doing graffiti. When my life was at it’s worst graffiti made me forget all the rough shit I was going through. I like getting up and going places normal people would never even think of  going like the side of a freeway or some cutty ass yard five hours away; on drugs; doing drugs all the way there an back.  Driving a hundred miles an hour with no license, trunk full of paint and an empty glove box blowin’ on some fire ass tree; Pryors for all types of shit; Probation in five different counties. Like fuck it, always must crush!

EC: Those crazy jagged styles you do look like they would take a long time yet I see them bombed in some pretty high profile freeway shots.  How long do they take you?
NAVER: 20-45 minutes tops.  Always Stock Caps Rusto and even the new Rusto Caps go too.  Depending on the spot or the color or who im with.  My favorite is solo missions because you don’t got to worry about any one else you are with making shit hot.

EC: For a long time I had no idea what your pieces said but they always stuck in my mind.  What do you feel influenced your style?
NAVER: Drugs. All types of drug use as a kid. Thizle, Mush, Trees, an more Thizzles. Skitzoefective. People I saw as a kid that made me wanna get up. Swerv, Boiler, Luter, Crook GMC, Deaf GMC, Widm ADS, Veg, Skoe, my old school homie Tea, Serve, Think, Gusalen, Ceaver 640, Kose, Revok, Saber, Skert, Adek, Keda, Adios, Dayser, Rise Above! Bely, Bloat (RIP big homie), Ferm, tfam, Dream, Amend, Natrl, Chez, Pastime, Lewse, Piers, Neon, Apex, Misk, Paser, Timber, DAF, HTF, MDK, KOD, ESL, Orfn, Tie, KR, Percept, UGS, MSK, AWR, HA, Else, Arrows, Destn, Harsh, Plantrees… just mainly influenced by the Bay Area where i grew up.

EC: How long has AMC been around and what does it stand for?
NAVER: Swerv started it in 94 and the funny part about it is swerv used to write all over my shit when we was youngsters.  I used to be like, “Man fuck graffiti, that shit is all bad.” Then two years later me and SW were on a tear to wreck shit!  Always Making Cash! Always Must Crush! Amongst Many Criminals!

EC: It seems like AMC has grown a lot in the past few years.  Are you guys adding new heads or just traveling more… or is Endless Canvas just lazy about getting around?  Ha ha.
NAVER: AMC looks for non stoppers. People that are about graffiti that live this shit everyday!

EC: Is there a lot of cross over between AMC and WKT?
NAVER: It’s all the same family. They’ve been cool for over ten years! Me and Yesm linked that up many years ago.

EC:What do you think about the ongoing Occupy Movement?
NAVER: Beast up!

EC: Any shout outs?
NAVER: Isabella… AMC, WKT, TFK, RA, ATB, GMC, OMS, TAK, BE. All you haters too. Free Luter! Free Noner! I’m out!