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INBETWEEN – Collective Art Installation – Saturday February 11th, 2012

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

Dan Bortz Art Show.

“In Between” an art show rooted in collaboration featuring the artwork and installation’s of Nick Mann, Brett Flanigan, Craig Rodgers and Dan Bortz. The varying styles and perspective’s in each artist’s work will make this a showing not to be missed.
Collectively they have worked together in creating sweeping public murals and have added visual mysticism to residents day to day all over the country. “In Between” will serve as the first time this group of inbetweener’s will work together in a gallery setting. Each artist is a veritable force with strong creative voice and technique. When working together the work speaks of the future, reminding the viewer of our place within worldly folklore. Dream sequences of possibility, driven in self discovery each artist is pushing life forward within mixed media offerings. By employing native and primitive drawing aesthetics’, they create a visual enema is that re investigates mankind, the world’s animal kingdom and universe itself.