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SPECIAL DELIVERY 2012 – Gallery Hours Update

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012
(Photo by Little_Joe)


Our opening reception was far more successful than we could of fathomed with well over 3,000 people showing up and a line ten deep that stretched three blocks.  We received a lot of very positive press which then attracted five major news stations to stop by on Monday.  This was a life altering event for many people and we thank everyone in the community for pulling together to make this happen!


Oakland Local:
Endless Canvas opens a Sistine Chapel of graffiti art

East Bay Express:
A Decidedly Special Delivery

Huffington Post:
Graffiti Museum: Local Warehouse To Temporarily Exhibit Local Street Artists

Some other folks photos:
Other Photos


Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

Keep checking our website for gallery hours.

NART Floor Piece.

SPECIAL DELIVERY Bay Area 2012 – Trailer Video

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

(Trailer Video by MAPACHE FILMS)

Special Delivery Bay Area 2012 Trailer from Mapache Films on Vimeo.

Endless Canvas and The Carbon Warehouse Present:
SPECIAL DELIVERY Bay Area 2012 – Large Scale Graffiti / Mural Exhibit
Opens September 8th

Over 100 local Graffiti / Street Artists including names like Swampy, Jurne, Gats, Pemex, Optimist, Quake, Broke, Nesta, Roar, Ras Terms, Anemal and many more paint the interior of a 36,000 square foot, three story factory from the 1920’s. Even the open floor space will be filled with sculptures by the likes of Dead Eyes, Monica Canilao, Harrison and Ben Wolf. On September 8th, we will be opening the building for public viewing and celebrating by lighting the building for the first time since it was abandoned over a decade ago.

Opening Celebration – Second Saturday, September 8th, 2012
Free Event – Live HipHop on the 3rd Floor Provided by Ear Peace Records
Exact location to be announced at the day before the opening to protect the privacy of artists. It’s taking place in the East Bay.

7Seas, Anemal, Ankra, Attica, ATWA, Aura, Awo, Bella Ciao, Blief, Broke, Bvrs, Cannon Dill, Circle Face, Cops, Coyote, Cuss, David Polka, Dead Eyes, Defie, Del Phresh, Devote, Drama, Eon75, Edith, Enero, Enor, Ernest Doty, Faring Purth, Feral Child, Five, Fresh Prince, Freya, GATS, Goser, Griffin, Grow DWT, Imp, Irot, Jeans, Jules Muck, Jurne, Kava, Koleo, Kure, Logic, Logo, Meck, Monica Canilao, Mr.Ef, Nart, NESTA, Nina STM, N.O. Bonzo, Old Crow, Odd Fellow, Omega, Optimist, Pemex, Pez US, Pobrecito, Quake, Ras Terms, Ref, Rekn, Release, Ripo, Roar, Scez, Scribbles, Somar, Safety First, Swampy, Sway, Tupac, Turnip, UpFuk, Vator, Wesk, Wetso, Yoder AND MANY MORE! (full list here)

Endless Canvas wins BEST OF THE BAY 2012

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

East Bay Express proclaims Endless Canvas as MOST REVOLUTIONARY USE OF STREET ART!

Come celebrate with us at our first ever BOOK RELEASE on Saturday July 28th at Famous Four Colors Gallery in down town Oakland. Free event, starts at 7pm. (More Info Here)

Endless Canvas Best of The Bay 2012.



PAPER TRAILS (A Zine Show) – Opening Night

Saturday, March 10th, 2012

Show runs from March 9th through April 12th, 2012.

Paper Trails is a collaborative art show – partnering with the Rock Paper Scissors Collective and Tomas Moniz of Rad Dad Zine. It’s a zine-themed show, encompassing hundreds of zines, many of which are locally-produced.

The opening featured a Zine Variety Show with readings by Tomas Moniz, John Bobst, and Mari Naomi along with music performances by Annah Anti-Palindrome and Jon Barba. DJ Baro added some vinyl flavor to the party.

During the opening party visitors drew pages to be compiled into th Paper Trails Zine. The zine will be printed and distributed by the R.P.S. crew – it will be available for purchase at R.P.S., Actual Cafe, and other art spaces and book outlets when it’s done.

Other featured installations from local zinesters include Endless Canvas, MariNaomi, Jaime Crespo, and others, and tons of other zines on a display designed by Jamie Mayne of RPS.

Genres include Riot Grrrl, Radical Politics, Parenting, Gender & Sexuality, Comics/Art/Photography, DIY Skill-Sharing, and more.

Actual Cafe (Actual is the name of the cafe)
6334 San Pablo Avenue, Oakland, CA
Corner of San Pablo and Alcatraz

ENDLESS CANVAS Shirts Available – Design by Best HandStyle Contest Winner TBIS

Monday, February 27th, 2012

FREE SHIPPING (in the USA) on these shirts if you order before midnight on February 28th, 2012.
Grab yours here…

Endless Canvas Handstyle Shirts.

This shirt features an EC design by TBIS, the winner of our 2012 ENDLESS CANVAS Best HandStyle Contest! There were well over 150 submissions that came in internationally. Thank you everyone for supporting the Bay Area Graffiti Art scene!

– Black on a Standard Unisex shirt or
– Charcoal Grey on smaller Female Cut shirts.

– 100% Cotton (Pre-Shrunk)
– Ultra soft “Discharge” screen print pulled by hand.

Discharge is a printing process where instead of putting uncomfortable ink onto the shirt we remove the dye from the shirt leaving the natural cotton color. It can never fade or crack because it is literally an anti-print that cannot be felt at all.

For the ladies that means the design wont buckle when stretched out over your chest like traditional plastisol shirts do.

Available here…

HANDSTYLE Art Show – A Celebration of Street Caligraphy – Friday Feb 24th, 2012

Sunday, February 19th, 2012

Endless Canvas Handstyle Art Show.

FRIDAY FEBRUARY 24TH 2012 – 7pm to 10pm
Free event taking place at Ear Peace Records – 3268 Adeline Street in Berkeley, CA
(Two and a half blocks from Ashby BART toward Oakland.)

To mark the end of our ENDLESS CANVAS Best Handstyle Contest we are throwing an Art Show focused on the ancient art of “Writing your name on shit!”

Optimist, Pemex, Ceaver 640 THR, Roar CBS, Ras Terms, Pobrecito, GATS, Logo, WKT Crew, Dead Eyes, Meck, Broke One, Anemal AOD, Cuss, Safety First, Nina STM, Musik, Tupac, Bella Ciao, Attica, Raskal, Elite, Sabot and MANY MORE!

We will be releasing a new ENDLESS CANVAS T-Shirt designed by TBIS (the winner of the contest) as well as a new Limited Edition Screen Print by legendary graff artist RAS TERMS at the event.

Don’t blow up the spot! Please don’t crush the block the night of the event out of respect to the venue for hosting our crazy asses.

WINNERS of the 2012 ENDLESS CANVAS Best HandStyle Contest

Sunday, February 12th, 2012

A huge thank you to everyone who participated in and supported this contest!
To our surprise we received well over 150 submissions!

We will be printing t-shirts of TBIS’s Endless Canvas handstyle and releasing them on Friday February 24th, 2012 at Ear Peace Records in Berkeley, CA.  Come out at hang out with us from 7pm-10pm and pick up a shirt…

Befriend TBIS Magazine:

Phobia submitted all the way from Guam.
Phobia’s Flickr:

Oster of ARG Crew submitted all the way from Cordoba, Argentina!
Oster’s street work:

THANK YOU to everyone who submitted handstyles…
Ceaver 640, Welsed, TBIS, Sensr 385, Ankra, NoMore, Septerhed, Orena BYB, Attica, Hula DH, Amboz, Emos, Sars, Phone, JAS, Ras Terms BDS, Phewsr, Electric Dragon, Digital, Cexr, Deaf HUI, Dust, Kite, Mikey IT, Reakt Evk, Aeks SNV, AteTry, Oster (Argentina), Chris Moon, Reco Calk, Elite, Solve, Neil Coates, Cear, Collin Saineful, Egads Eg, Ogee Mesh, Jemer IFSK, Whut BM, Skimone, Byler, Riz 503, Papi Nizmo Mak, Ass Milk, Dirty Gerk, Drowsy CLSK, The Farmer, Kersv, Phobia, Gear, Menace, Sunfish, Roger Harmon, Roe 510, Aersok, Boser CLSK, Defy 831, Wayward, Suenos TFN, Roscoe QBC VDS, Sens (San Diego), Photo Coyote, GATS, Bos Hope CBW, Andres Musta, Sanek VNO, Camel (Oakland), Examer, King Sheep, Siker PM (Portland), Dog Fight (Australia), Task Calk, Bella Ciao, Gaily Ezer, Local, Sanek VNO, Clyde (New York), Atake AKO, Fancy, IMP, Reagan, Rajivius Coburnicus, Jack Eldredge, Raiyo, Oakland Ninja, Swaj, Roger (Texas), Uknow M&M, CPSH74 (Paris), Hooligan, Jeffrey Hall, Devote, Dekster PA H8K and everyone else!

THE TRUCK SHOW S.F. – Official Limited Edition Zine

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

The Truck Show SF Official Limited Edition Zine.

The Truck Show SF Official Limited Edition Zine.
Layed out by Plant Trees and published by Endless Canvas.

Don’t Sleep on these! Come to The Truck Show SF Friday Feb 10th at 1AM Gallery (6th & Howard, SF) and swoop up yours while they last!
There will only be 100 of these at the event!  Four different covers… only 25 of each.


ENDLESS CANVAS Bumper Stickers – Now Available

Saturday, February 4th, 2012

Endless Canvas Graffiti Sticker Packs for Sale.

Just got our stickers in from… the folks at Build a Sign were very helpful and they had a really fast turn around time. They are nice to work with because they are willing to do small runs and don’t charge for extra colors which is kind of rare.

Pick up a bunch of Endless Canvas stickers here…
The more you buy the cheaper they are.

2012 ENDLESS CANVAS Best HandStyle Contest

Monday, January 2nd, 2012


We will be offering first, second, and third place prizes to whom ever can write “ENDLESS CANVAS” with the most style!
We are looking for bold and legible from a distance.

It is OK to submit multiple styles.  The tag can be on any surface as long as it contrasts hard enough that we can convert it to solid black and white.

Catch an Endless Canvas tag in black on white paper and send a high resolution scan or photograph to
(If you don’t have access to either it’s ok to send a low quality photo and if you win we’ll just have you physically mail it to us.)

The top three handstyles will be posted to our flickr
( on FEBRUARY 1st, 2012The photo that receives the most favorites within three days wins!

Will be featured on a T-Shirt and will get one of the shirts for FREE. As well as receiving every issue of the Endless Canvas zine, and each of the 12”x18” limited edition screen printed posters we have available for FREE! Winner will be featured on the main page of the site and we’ll even post a flick of your street graff if you’d like.

Will receive all the issues of Endless Canvas for FREE! We will also feature a photo of your street graff on the main page of the site if you’d like.

We will fit as many of the dope handstyles as we can on a sheet of vinyl stickers to send out with orders internationally.

Will receive a thank you shout out on
Just let us know the alias you would like credited.(unless you prefer to stay anonymous)

You are Endless Canvas

By submitting work to this contest you are donating your design to Endless Canvas and giving us full print rights.

ENDLESS CANVAS Best Handstyle Contest!

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

Endless Canvas Best Handstyle Contest.

– It is OK to submit more than one handstyle.

– Must be hand drawn. No fixed fonts.

– It doesn’t have to be on paper as long as the photo is high enough contrast that we can convert it to a clean solid black and white.

East Bay Alternative Press Book Fair – Saturday, Dec 10th, 2011

Friday, December 9th, 2011

ENDLESS CANVAS will be tabling the E.B.A.P.B.F. at Berkeley City College tomorrow Saturday December 10th, 2011.
FREE EVENT – Come grab inexpensive holiday gifts hand made by local artists!

East Bay Alternative Press Book Fair 2011.

Endless Canvas Zines now available at Ear Peace Records

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

We just dropped off Endless Canvas issue numbers five, four and three, More Beer Less Work issue 2, and Thousands of Years / Graffiti Rome Italy at Ear Peace Records in Berkeley. The store is only a block and a half from Ashby BART on Adeline near Alcatraz.  You might want to call ahead and make sure the zine you want is still in stock… (510) 547-1030

ENDLESS CANVAS Issue #5 – Being Released at SF Zine Fest – Sept. 3rd & 4th 2011

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

roar aura 7seas graffiti.

We are releasing EC Issue #5 at the San Francisco Zine Fest this weekend…

As a special promotion, Endless Canvas #5 will only be $5 at zine fest before it’s launched on the website for $6 plus shipping.


– Limited edition of 300 / hand numbered
– Hand screen printed cover designed by Aura
– Center fold poster by Roar
– Interviews with 7seas, Roar, and Aura of the Legendary CBS crew
– 60 Pages of Graffiti / Street art from the Bay Area / LA / Oregon


Saturday Sept 3rd
Sunday Sept 4th

SF County Fair Building
9th Ave and Lincoln Way
in Golden Gate Park