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OPTIMIST – Man, Animal and teh Machines: Print Show

Thursday, December 6th, 2012

OPTIMIST, TIM, DE, POP, Art Show, Art, Print, Oakland, First Friday,

Man, Animal and the Machines: Print Show
Friday Dec. 7. 5-10pm
Farley’s East
33 Grand Ave, Oakland


Monday, December 3rd, 2012

This past Saturday (December 1st, 2012), True Modern set up a guerilla cocktail party inside The Carbon Warehouse. The abandoned ink factory housing Endless Canvas‘s SPECIAL DELIVERY Bay Area 2012 Mural Exhibit provided a beautiful contrast to the custom Modernist furniture displayed at the cocktail party. As models served h’orderves, guests were given flash lights and encouraged to explore three stories of the post apocalyptic museum. It was pouring rain and the flooded floors turned into giant mirrors giving new life to the artwork. Water ran through the eyes of murals from floor to floor creating the Bay Area’s own Trevi Fountain. ¬†What I thought was going to be a simple furniture shoot turned into one of the most gorgeous things I’ve ever seen.

True Modern – Modernism for Life
Special Delivery – Bay Area 2012 Mural Exhibit
Endless Canvas – Bay Area Graffiti Culture

LIVE SCREEN PRINTING Tonight Featuring the Art of OWLER – Oakland, CA

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

Ghost Owl Street Art Poster.

Beer is Good Street Art – Oakland, CA

Monday, May 14th, 2012

Punks Thugs and Vandals, PTV, Graffiti, Street Art, Beer is Good, BROKE, Oakland

SWOON – San Francisco, CA

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

SWOON, San Francisco, Street Art, Art, Graffiti

NINA STM – Solo Show

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

NINA, STM, Oakland, Graffiti, Street Art, Art

The Breakroom Cafe
300 13th St. Oakland
Mon – Fri 10am – 3:30pm

OPTIMIST Art Show – Man, Animal and the Machines – Oct 8th, 2011

Monday, September 26th, 2011

Optimist, Tim, Street Art, Oakland, Graffiti, Art

Old Crow Tattoo & Gallery
362 Grand Avenue
Oakland, CA 94610


Friday, June 18th, 2010

This venue is AWESOME… don’t miss it…

RAS TERMS, Street Art, Graffiti, Art Show, Art

Ras Terms was very recently involved in a car accident. The car he was in, along with his partner, was struck by a speeding car that was evading the police. The right side of his body is completely swollen. Terms is a full time artist and thus receives no benefits or insurance. You are the only community there is to help him pay for his medical bills and to assist him while he is not able to work.

Saturday, June 19, 2010 at 6:00pm – 12:00am

954 60th St., Oakland,Ca.

$5-10 donation at the door
Doors open at 6pm
Come early to buy artwork. All sales from the artwork goes to Terms
most of the artwork for sale is priced at $5 to $50
from all your favorites:
Terms, Gats, Safety First, Broke, Deadeyes, Turnip and more to be announced.

$10 special dinner served at 8pm (all proceed to Terms)

There will also be a movie shown that night at 8pm.

Donate now $5 , $10, $20 or $100
Anything at all helps!

SAVE OAKLAND ARTS NOW! Stop the 50% Arts Cut!

Saturday, March 27th, 2010

The Council needs to hear from us again! The community prevailed when we raised our voices against similar cuts in October 2008. WE CAN DO IT AGAIN! The Oakland City Council considers a 50% Cut to Oakland Arts at a special budget session on Thursday, April 1, 2010, 7pm. This is one move closer towards the elimination of the Cultural Funding Program, the long-established, competitive City program to provide arts and cultural services with attendance over 1.4 million.


1. Get the Word Out! FORWARD this alert to constituents, colleagues, students, friends, families, neighbors, friends-of- friends– Or Share Facebook Alert

2. CALL, EMAIL or WRITE your Council Member NOW! You can make the difference- Cut & Paste sample text or write your own message (See Sample below); Remain Positive and Respectful in your communications. We need the Council’s support!

3. Be There April 1 at 7 pm! TAKE ACTION & MAKE A DIFFERENCE during the special City Council BUDGET MEETING at City Hall, Sign-up for speaker cards at the meeting or in advance online -Agenda Item tba.

***Strategy & Info Meeting at Pro Arts, Tuesday, March 30, 6:30 pm 150 Frank H Ogawa Plaza at Oakland Art Gallery Learn about public comment at Council, sign-up for a speaker card, review talking points, and get your message to Council!

What’s at Stake: The City Council faces an unprecedented budget challenge. The additional proposed 50% cut to the Arts 1) is disproportionate to other City program cuts, 2) stands to cripple the arts sector, and 3) significantly reduces City tax revenues. Oakland is currently 13th in the nation for Arts Businesses per capita.

For every $1 the City invests in arts and culture, the City gets back $4 in fees, licenses and taxes. Nonprofit Arts in Oakland generate over $103 million in total gross annual economic activity and provide more than 5,000 jobs. The proposed cut means less revenue, more arts organizations closing their doors, loss of jobs and irreversible damage to the sector’s infrastructure. The Arts are a means of economic investment and renewal for Oakland! STOP

Supporting Documentation & Resources:

A. SAMPLE Letter/Email: Dear Council Member ________________, Oakland Arts are the means to Oakland’s economic renewal and are fundamental to our quality of life. It has come to my attention that the City Council is considering a disastrous and disproportionate 50% cut to the Cultural Funding Program. As a concerned citizen, I understand that difficult choices need to be made to ensure that essential services and infrastructure remain in place. I also understand that there are no easy solutions to our budget crisis. However, I believe a disproportionate cut to the arts exacerbates the crisis, cripples Oakland’s nationally ranked arts sector, and undermines our economic competitiveness,the compassion within our communities, and our investment in our future. I call upon you to mitigate the Arts cuts through a lens of equity and proportionality. Thank you for your leadership in investing in a better Oakland.

B. Council Contacts:
District 1, Jane Brunner,, (510) 238-7001;
District 2, Pat Kernighan,, (510) 238-7002;
District 3, Nancy Nadel,, (510) 238-7003;
District 4, Jean Quan,, (510) 238-7004;
District 5, Ignacio de la Fuente., (510) 238-7005;
District 6, Desley Brooks,, (510) 238-7006;
District 7, Larry Reid,, (510) 238-7007
At-Large, Rebecca Kaplan, (510) 238-7008

Not sure who your council member is? Click here to find out: http://

C. Key Talking Points – Nonprofit Arts in Oakland:13th in the nation for Arts Businesses per capita. Generates over $103 million in economic activity Provides more than 5,000 jobs. Produces more than $ 4 million in revenue to local government Arts funding is a Low Cost Investment with High Economic and Cultural Return Arts are a means of community and cultural development Art serves public safety, violence prevention and saves lives Arts education contributes to academic success and increased skill development for youth Art generates revenue; If the arts decline then other businesses decline in a ripple effect.Oakland benefits from one of the largest artist populations in the country Art Cuts = Bad press for the City and undermine national and regional marketing campaigns

Additional Resources and References available online:

Community Organizing is our best option for ensuring the survival and sustainability of Oakland Arts. Please forward this email to friends, colleagues and mailing lists; the arts have strength in numbers.

Thank you for your support,

Chair, Oakland Cultural Trust
Mission: The Oakland Cultural Trust advocates for a vibrant, safe and sustainable Oakland by policies and action that support and nurture the vitality of Oakland artists and cultural organizations. More Info:

TURNIP – Original Painting on Canvas

Saturday, February 6th, 2010

Turnip Original Painting on Canvas for sale.

“Half Tooth, Half Pill”
by Turnip
Mixed Media
9×12 inch canvas

Turnip aka Eat Roots, is a graffiti artist from Southern California who has been putting in a lot of work recently in the East Bay. You have probably seen their colorful roots around down town and west Oakland.

We are only offering this original piece for a limited time here…