THE ELEFUNK GALLERY – April 5th, 2013

“The EleFUNk Gallery.” Curated by Patti Astor, the show will feature a huge line-up of graffiti and street artists and will pay tribute to Patti’s original FUN Gallery in NYC, which was the first art space to show the likes of Jean-Michel Basquiat, Futura, Kenny Scharf, Keith Haring, Fab 5 Freddy and many other influential artists in the early ’80s.


“The EleFUNk Gallery” runs April 5-30 and the opening reception will be held at Loakal on April 5. There will also be an all-day live painting event with all of the artists, followed by a closing reception, on April 27.

The line-up of artists includes: Founding members of The Ex-Vandals Crew, Wicked Gary (NYC), Stan 153, Flint, Kool Kito, Refa, Resek, Kufue, Nate1, KAYTWO, Pengo, Chris Granillo, Cuba, Mace, Jeannette Farrell, Agana, Sno (WA), Joker, Nite Owl, Onedr, Kori Thompson, Ernest Doty, Griffin One, Such & Champ Styles (AZ), and more. These artists will be joined by Chuky and Creature for the wall jam and closing reception on April 27.

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