YOUR CREW, YOUR FAMILY – An Interview with 7Seas – August 2011

7seas goats.

7seas graffiti van.
7seas graffiti piece.
7seas graffiti.
7seas graffiti.

ENDLESS CANVAS: How old were you when you first started writing?

7SEAS: I was about 13. That’s when I did my first piece. Started tagin’ in 4th grade. My homies older brother got me into it.

EC: Is Seven Seas a reference to anything inparticular?

7SEAS: There are so many stories an reasons behind it. It’s one of the first names I ever wanted to write, but I didn’t care for having a number in my name. Got used to that real quick. I went through quite a few names like everybody else, but this one definetly stuck on me. I see the number 7 everywhere I go… hella stands out to me for some reason.

EC: You seem to have pieced every yard in the east bay. At any point would you be satisfied and just say I’m done?

7SEAS: Nah, you’re never done. Graffiti just keeps going. Move on to the next yard, city, state… there are endless spots to be painted everywhere!

EC: Do you try to keep your identity anonymous?

7SEAS: Yeah, but it don’t really matter these days. I aint tryna label myself and show face everywhere, but when you paint legals and kick it here and there people become familiar with who you are.

EC: Why be in a crew?

7SEAS: Crews are like a big family to me. You meet so many people over the years. You usually paint with your homies… people you know you can trust no matter what kinda shit goes down. As time goes on the people you meet over the years just become your crew, your family… bbq, drinking, partying, you aint even got to be painting to kick it.

EC: Has coming from a rural area influence your graffiti actives and style?

7SEAS: I grew up seeing a lot graffiti. I lived by a few freight [train] yards. I got a lot of influence at a young age. Walked to the yard soon as it got dark in 7th-8th grade. Graffiti was way more chill in the mid nineties.

EC: What would you call your style?

7SEAS: Never thought to much about it. Its kinda got a Mid Evil L.A. flow to it. I don’t use to much color… mainly black and white. Certain styles look better with more color than others.

EC: If you could collaborate with any artist in the world, who would it be?

7SEAS: Revok, or Versuz… the color skemes and constant flow of the lettering over the years has been a big influence on my style.

EC: What do you like the most and least about “graffiti” culture?

7SEAS: The street life. Walking around, ploting on spots, climbing random shit, all the different styles that have progressed over the years. You witness and experience so many different things. To me that’s what keeps graffiti going. With a mission always comes a story.

EC: How long does it take you to produce a piece?

7SEAS: Usually a couple hours, but that could turn into 3 or 4 very easy. It just depends on how long you think you got at the spot. You gotta stay on your toes. Though, maybe come back on it a few times.

EC: What advice would you give to young inexperienced graffiti writers?

7SEAS: Be prepared to deal with whatever it brings you; goodtimes, bad, going to jail, fighting. It’s definitely a crazy life style. You witness and experience some life changing shit on the streets. A life like no other.

EC: Ever painted a boat or a ship?

7SEAS: Yeah, I caught a few tags here and there over the years. Nothing to big though.
Still searching…

EC: Shout outs or thanks to anyone?

7SEAS: All my close friends an family.  Roar, Aura, Gunk, Logo, Epoxe. Thanks to all the photographers out here in the bay! They be taking some amazing pictures! You know who you are… thanks a million!

7seas graffit piece oakland ca.

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