AEROSOUL 3: Urban Hieroglyphics – July 13th, 2012


An International African Diaspora Spray Can Art Conference

Dedicated to Ending Youth Violence

The art genre known culturally to its practitioners, as “Writing” has been a vital part of the American inner-city landscape since the late 1960’s. Sprouting roots from the ghettos and subways of New York City, Spray Can Writing has extended its cultural influence to youth across the nation and the world. In honor of African History AEROSOUL brings focus to the Black/African contribution, narrative and experience in Spray Can Art.

The Bay Area Aerosol Heritage Society, also known as AeroSoul, is proud to present the third AeroSoul event, following two successful annual Conference Exhibits in Los Angeles and the Bay Area. “AeroSoul 3” 2012 will kick off on July 13th, and be followed by a 6 month-long series of events including an artist panel, slide show lectures, youth art workshops, live painting, and educational seminars. With a showcase of over 50 well-known Spray can artists from around the globe, AeroSoul has the propensity to bring forward a movement that will enlighten the minds and spirits of the community at large, sending shock waves of change to a society in desperate need of social face lift.

AeroSoul 3 will showcase some of the most cutting-edge, dynamic Black Hip Hop Calligraphers in the world, featuring artists from Writing’s east coast origins to the new lettering stylists of the day. The AeroSoul line up is very impressive this year with a cast of writers from New York’s 1970’s & 80’s era such as Riff170, Slave TF5, Butch2, Tean TMT, Kade TMT, Chain3, Skeme, Shame125, Sak MBT, and Soon1 to name a few. This historical event is of utmost importance in giving recognition to the visionary creators of this urban craft.

The fact that these contributions are rarely shown in their proper historical context if acknowledged at all has also been a driving force for AeroSoul to bring these gems to light. African/Black contributions to world history have been more than ample and significant particularly in the field of the arts and culture.

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