We have been so successful with the distribution of our Endless Canvas zine, that we decided to help out other artists by publishing their work. Please get in touch with us if you make zines and are looking for a publisher.

We are proud to announce our first comic book release by Broke One…

More Beer Less Work - Beer is Good Comic #1.

More Beer Less Work - Comic by Broke.

Tall Boy Beer is Good Poster in the More Beer Less Work Comic Issue 1.

This underground comic book has 40 pages of unadulterated, orgasmic, beer fun.

Hand screen printed cover, limited edition run of 200 with a nice shiny silver cover and a blue poster center fold.

Illustrated by an ex-drunk (that still drinks beer) whom some know as Broke One and others call, "Oh, that guy."

Featuring special guest stars Dead Eyes, Gats, and Turnip.

“This comic is fucking ill and hilarious!” exclaims LOGO of EK and 640.

Available in our store…

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